About Us

Free Israel Photos was created to bring you great photos of Israel that you can use freely, even in your commercial projects, by two Israeli photographers; ilan and segev.
After seeing what was available when you search "israel photos" on the web, we decided to give our photos away, hopefully to make Israel look a bit better.
We'll be adding more photos from our frequent trips around Israel, but only when they are exceptional and meet our standards.

Ilan Graicer
Armed with a BA in interactive design , i spend my time designing computer games and online experiences, when i'm not traveling around Israel and the world taking photographs. More at www.ilangraicer.com (including my non-israel photos)

Segev Shilton
Gadget addict! I spend most of my time with computers, along with photography my hobbys are juggling and cars. you can find my portfolio here

If you have questions, requests, comment, suggestions please contact us